Six common mistakes when moving to live-service games and free-to-play

February 24th 2020 (

Snobbery and fear drive criticisms of free-to-play games and ethics

April 9th 2014 (Polygon)

What Should Nintendo Do Now?

January 23rd 2014 (Gamasutra)

Weapons of Mass Disruption #3: How and Why Consoles Will Die

July 1st 2013 (Kotaku)

Weapons of Mass Disruption #2: Why Is (Almost) Every Video Game Suddenly Free?

December 21st 2012 (Kotaku)

Weapons of Mass Disruption #1: It’s The Best Time To Be A Gamer, And Here’s How That Happened

December 13th 2012 (Kotaku)

Measurement Techniques For Game Designers

May 12th 2005 (Gamasutra)

Elementary Game Design

October 2004 (Develop)

Mind your language – Unlocking the secret formula of game design

August 2002 (Develop)

Strolling Through The Zoo, Noting This And That

March 22nd 2005

Lessons Learnt from the Challenger Disaster

Oct 5th 2004

Selfconscious and Unselfconscious Cultures

August 22nd 2004

Myths of Process and a Nonlinear View of History

July 21st 2004

Richard Feynman’s ‘Computer Disease’

June 27th 2004

The Dangers of Language

May 30th 2004


May 18th 2004

Notes from ‘Notes on the Synthesis of Form’

April 4th 2004

The Measure of Things

Mar 22nd 2004

Natural Hierarchies

Mar 7th 2004

The Power of Analogy

Feb 18th 2004

Biophilia and Darwinian Action Adventures

Feb 11th 2004

The Reductionist’s user manual

Feb 11th 2004

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